Barnett Insurance Agency has served Alliance, OH, and the surrounding community since 1937. Our business has remained in the same family across the generations – it was founded by Norman and Mildred Barnett over 80 years ago, then sold to Norman's son, Elvin, and run by he and his wife, Carol. They were active owners until their retirement, and the business is now operated by Elvin and Carol's daughter, Linda, and her husband, Ken.

Across this gulf of time, the Barnett Insurance Agency has remained committed to providing generous and fair insurance services to young families, drivers, homeowners, farmers, and small to medium-sized businesses throughout the region. Since we've been operating in the area for so long, we're well-accustomed to the needs and preferences of the people living here. For example, although we provide options for those who like to do business online, we still pride ourselves on maintaining a physical office where our customers can pay their premiums in person.

Today, Barnett Insurance Agency is a fixture of the landscape. We've been going strong for a lifetime, and we expect to remain here for a good deal longer. When you work with us, you'll have an insurance partner that's with you for every step you take.

Our Team

Ken Harris, Agent

Linda Harris, Agent, CIC

Kim Mountain

Anjie Brown, Agent

Karen Campbell, Receptionist

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